About Prep

Apocalypse. All over the place we hear that word. Zombies. Oh my god, the zombies!

Or the little viruses. Or the nanoswarms. Or Kirk Cameron.


We keep hearing that word, but what does it mean to call something an Apocalypse – or to prep for it?

An apocalypse is actually a revelation – an uncovering, in the Greek. BUT you probably got that from Wikipedia. Or you could.

The point is that every end is a beginning, which I’m sure either the Beatles or Drake said sometime. An apocalypse is the end of A world – the cascading failure of a whole network of interconnected systems. It doesn’t have to be THE world. We have apocalypsed before and will again.

THE world – homo sapiens, earth, us – is composed of lots of little worlds, all nested inside each other like Faberge eggs. When one of those little worlds is destroyed, that’s an apocalypse. That world (that egg) is gone and has to make way for something new.

Katrina was an apocalypse. There’s a different city down there now, with different meanings stitched into it. Egypt. Mumbai. 9/11. Chernobyl. Goiania. WWII. San Francisco. Civil War. Black Plague. Fall of Rome. Gilgamesh’s cyclone. Looting of Ur. Eden.

Some days you wake up and the world has been replaced with something else. And it’s horrible, beyond horrible, and everything you know is destroyed.

Even worse, sometimes the egg that gets destroyed – the little world – gets hurt so badly it takes out the egg that it’s inside of. That’s the bigger system, the bigger world. And the apocalypse jumps up and takes out another, more complex set of systems. More networks that other people know as the world: their own personal little worlds.

An archduke gets murdered, a treaty is invoked, a country is brought under fire, then a
continent. A bank goes backrupt, another loses capital, confidence collapses, an
economy vanishes. Egg after egg falls up as the failures cascade.

Each apocalypse destroys those people, things, ideas we hold most dear. And in the
long view, each creates a new world – a new egg – in place of the one that was taken.

Awful catastrophes, paraphrased St. Augustine, are the way history opens its chapters.

But will it ever go all the way? Will an apocalypse come that will burn (or ice) through system after system, each containing each until village, town, city, country, continent, civilization is scraped off the face of the earth?

At Apocalypse Prep, we aim to find out. Let’s mash culture, tech, emergency management, science and social science all up together and stare at the seams to see how it will all spin apart.

Because history has a lot of chapters and they all teach us that the one constant is that it will all. spin. apart.

Once we see the seams splitting, what do we do? I guess that depends on the apocalypse.

Whatever else happens, we’ll be prepped for it. Superesse et Superare.

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